we Do.

Mary: “What do you do?”

Paul: “I developed an app called basically. It increases safety, profit, efficiency, and employee engagement in companies across all industries”

Mary: Really? How?

Paul: It’s a distribution platform for company content. It ensures everyone knows what they need to know, when they need to know it. Everyone is on the same team and on the same page.

We solve the distribution part, so you can focus on the creation part.

We ensure your documents are where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in the hands of those who need to read them.

Let us help you make sure everyone knows what they need to know so everyone stays safe.

We like that.

We have a creative team [slightly OCD] who can format and template all your documents for optimal clarity and engagement. Doing this alone, will drive engagement in ways you never anticipated.

We find that, when information is clear and well laid out, people tend to read it more. Big surprise.

We guard your information as if our lives depended on it. Sometimes lives actually do depend on that.

No one can get to your content and walk away with it. Period.

You get to choose who sees what. You determine the need-to-know basis protocol. We help you enforce it.

Let’s face it – some of us like to read, and some of us don’t. Some of us have long commutes. Some of us are auditory learners and understand what we listen to better than what we read.

We got you – all of you.

We have a team of talented voiceover actors that can make your content jump off the page and turn it into story telling.

In a world of gamification and short attention spans, let’s make them want to read because it’s interesting, not just because they have to.



We track what your people read – and, yes, what they don’t. We can tell you which manual gets read and which doesn’t.

We let you know when someone acknowledges having read a page – and when they actually read it. We can even monitor what time of day people read what and for how long. 

Anything you can think of, we can measure. Well, most things…

We Know.

We bring our years of research as pilots, psychologists, regulators, educators, developers, and technologists to create the optimal circumstances for comprehension and retention.

We have gathered staggering stats to support the idea that, when people read what they need to know to do their job well, they do their job better, safer, and more efficiently. Considerably.

ACROSS All Industries

According to OSHA, 14 fatalities occur in the US every day. The data shows that most of them could have been avoided through a better understanding of rules, regulations, and company processes.


In 2019, only 18% of flight crews that acknowledged reading mandatory revisions actually read them. 


Each month, 81 fatalities occur on job sites. Lack of understanding of job description is often cited as the cause of these accidents.


87% of food service workers have been injured at least once on the job. Many of them report procedure not being followed as the primary cause.   


Annually, up to 98,000 patients die in hospitals due to medical errors while an estimated $19.5 billion dollars in health care costs are attributable to these errors.


A little about us.

A pilot and an app developer walk into an airline lounge.

They strike up a conversation and realize they both have a passion and a talent for seeing what could work better.

The Pilot: “I was flying recently and realized not everyone in the cockpit reads the revisions in our manual.”

The Developer: “That’s not a good thing. Anything we could do to improve that?”

Hours later, putting their heads together, they came up with a new way to distribute knowledge – back of the napkin kind of idea.

basically. was born a few months later out of a deep desire to keep people safe, to make the process of learning easier, to reawaken our basic human need to make a difference, do our best, and to show up with everything we’ve got.


We Charge.



5 users

no additional users



includes 5 users

additional users $7/mo



includes 15 users

additional users $5.75/mo



includes 50 users

additional users $4.5/mo

Pricing listed above are base prices with some included users.  Additional user prices are reduced as your plan increases.

Annual pricing is available with all our packages.

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