How It Works

Communicate seamlessly with your people so everyone is on the same page and moving efficiently in the same direction. Here’s how we help you do that:

Management Simplified

Department admins manage all users and associated documents. Everything is organized inside of Basically so there is no confusion about who gets what, when they get it, and if they got it. Effortlessly manage entire departments and user groups in seconds. 

When new material is ready to be distributed to your people, it’s literally:

  • Open Basically Today (one thousand one)
  • Find the document being revised (one thousand two)
  • Update the revision number and date (one thousand three)
  • Upload the new revision (one thousand four, five, and six)
  • Submit (one thousand seven)

It’s that simple.

Distribution Simplified

Your people always have access to all of their company content. When content changes are made (like the seven second one described above), your people:

  • Receive change notifications across all of their devices.
  • Open and review the changes in the way that best suits them (by reading the changes in the full document, reading a text summary, or listening to an audio summary). We have found – and you will too! – that the ability to listen to their changes not only increases retention, it also shortens the average time between the revision release and the time they read (or listen) to it.
  • Stay informed about company and department news on their home pages. 

Because it’s easy to do and they can choose what works best for them, your “read rates” and engagement rates will skyrocket.

Verification Simplified Is Here!

Yes, you distributed the changes to your people, but did they actually open them? If they opened it, did they actually read it? If you are like the vast, vast majority of companies, you will quickly discover that your people are not reading and implementing the updates you give them. Statistics and reporting allow you to see what’s happening in real-time. Department admins finally have the power to:

  • Verify if changes have been read (or listened to).
  • Verify “read rates” by person, by manual, and by department.
  • Make changes to your distribution processes and actually measure their effectiveness.
  • Show regulatory agencies that your people are engaged.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker