Do your employees know what’s happening?

Use Basically Today to verify the effectiveness of your updates and how to make them more engaging and actionable.

Increased Engagement

Every company asks how to be more productive, more profitable, and how to provide better service, but few ask the most important question:

How can I keep my employees interested and engaged in our changing business?

One Source of Truth

Workers, on average, spend 36% of their day looking for and consolidating information. But 44% of the time, they can’t find the information.

That’s 752.5 hours wasted per employee per year!! Whew!

Compliance Metrics

You have performance metrics, KPIs, and quarterly goals for your people. Isn’t it about time you had performance metrics for your processes too?

Find out what makes an impact with your people and what doesn’t.

“Employee engagement is huge for company success. It’s estimated that only 34% of the United States workforce feels engaged, and this costs
$7 trillion annually in lost productivity.”

Forbes, May 11, 2020

Here’s what we know:

  • More than 2/3 of the US workforce is not engaged or even that interested in their work. Increasing engagement is a big win for them, you, your company, and your clients.
  • Interested and engaged employees outperform their disinterested counterparts by 70%.

What would you do with a 70% increase in productivity?

What would you do with engaged, productive employees?